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We love building Racing engines almost as much as watching our customers pushing to the limit !!!!!

We would like to thank our customers who were willing to allow us to use images of their magnificent cars.

Watch our AP Racing Phase 3 (CuBe) C20XE race engine conversion perform on the Dyno for our customers across in Bulgaria...   This drag team only accept perfection.  I think the dance at the end shows how happy they are.

Irish National and International Tarmac rallies are the toughest out there.  Watch Eamon Dervan in his immaculate Mk2 Escort with his      AP Racing Phase 3 C20XE engine.  We powered Eamon to "King of the Mk2 Escort" challenge amongst many other victories.

Now then, flat out motorsport here. Kieran Feeney, watch him flat in 6th gear in his Immaculate Mk2 Escort Powered by our AP Racing Engines Phase 3 C20XE.

UK autograss is a fully committed form of Motorsport. Torque and Power give the brave an opportunity to overtake.  Watch Martyn Janes (N10), leading and controlling his race, whilst powered by his AP Racing Phase 1 C20XE.

Truck racing in the UK is a fiercely competitive series. We Tuned an Engine  from an other Builder which produced disapointing results, So we were asked to build a new winning Engine.   This video is a before and after, Listen to the change in induction noise and raw power.  This is what an extra 50 Bhp sounds like. Enjoy



Mapping is essential and will get the best results out of your car. The results are clear to see. 292 Bhp @ 9,000 rpm in this gorgeous Mk2 Escort.




 At AP Racing Engines we build great engines but also Tune great engines. We can cope with up to 600 bhp, cars with Welded diffs and 2 speed Autograss or short circuit gearboxes.





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AP Racing Engines..Full Race Engines for all Motorsports.. C20XE race Engines, Duratec Race Engines, YB & Pinto Race Engines.

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