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C20XE Race Engine builds and rebuilds.

Customer or Rule book specific

We build, develop and rebuild many types of race engines over a wide spectrum of Motor Sports.


We have a proven track record with Engines in International Rally, Autograss, Drag Racing, Touring Cars, Sprint and Drifting.

We have many years of experience with  tuning, diagnosing and developing Full Race C20XE Engines, Duratec Race Engines, Pinto, X-Flow and many more Rally and Race Engines.  


No Engines are too small, we apply the same quality and standards too all of our engine work. We can build to a budget on both fast road, modern rally, historic rally ranging from C20XE Race engines on Carbs to a full race engines including  Cosworth  YB on full 3D management.

AP Racing Engines

Power by design

Port technology is one of the secrets to our success. One of the fundamentals to create torque and power is the ability to induct as much high speed air and fuel into the combustion chamber.


with  all Race engines the size of the port is not everything, but the shape and design are. All of our heads are Air Flow Tested to ensure the highest quality is acheived.


We can build most popular Race engines including C20XE ( Red Top), Cosworth YB, Vauxhall  8v - C14se,  Honda, Duratec and many more Race engines and Rally engines

Rolling Road Tuning

Engine Tuning the right way.

We have invested in the very latest technology in "Dyno" Rolling roads. We can measure upto 600 BHP.


Our bespoke software allows us to create 3D mapping to enhance and smooth out any engine charictaristics.


We can run up your engine and simulate any number of  external influencing environment such as wind or road incline.


We will provide you with "real time" outputs for diagnostics as well as performance runs.


We specialise in ECU mapping for all types of race engines. We can use most popular makes of ECU which include DTA, Omex, MBE, Megajolt, Megasquirt and Power commander 3 & V


With almost every rolling road session we will carry out a health check to ensure that your car is safe to tune, we will also offer advice with what we see in our findings and how you can progress in your engines performance and how to get the most out of it.


We welcome all types of cars ranging from  Classic and vintage fast road,  historic sports, Retro builds and any car with a full Race Engine.


Call for further information Or Click the YouTube Link below to view a selection of our Rolling Road Tuning Sessions.


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AP Racing Engines..Full Race Engines for all Motorsports.. C20XE race Engines, Duratec Race Engines, YB & Pinto Race Engines.

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